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Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

The Lost Dream of Don Quixote - A Romance of Chivalry by Janet Rigg

When the Cuban revolutionary, José Martí awakens from death in the afterlife, he finds himself high in the Sierra Maestra and is swiftly led by forces to the Hacienda of the spirits. There he finds the ghosts of his fellow revolutionary comrades of Cuba's bid for independence.

When Martí and his fellow veterans discover an apparition of the library of the afterworld, the spirit of Don Quixote is summoned; and he is returned from the dead to an afterlife as a worldly ghost.

When the owners of the hacienda appear to the spirits, they become aware that their presence is felt. Lina gives birth to a son. Instantly a special bond forms between Don Quixote and the newborn; Fidel Alejandro Castro.

Don Quixote serves as a kind of alter ego for the young Castro, often seeing the events of his childhood and pre-revolution society through the prism of the rites of chivalry. In The Lost Dream of Don Quixote, Rigg weaves historical fact with magical fiction into a story of how Fidel Castro drew from his subconscious spiritual guides which insprired him to rise into becoming Cuba's revolutionary leader and laying the foundations for a new modern chivalric society. 

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