Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

The Intoxicating Hotwife - Scarlett Carrington

Who says you can’t have everything you want in life, as long as you’re willing to do what it takes to get it?


Scarlett Carrington is a modern, successful businesswoman in her early 30s. She has the perfect life: wonderful husband, beautiful home and intelligent sporty children. And she has a naughty secret – she loves to have sex! Scarlett is a Christian living in the Southeast; more accurately labeled the “Bible belt of the United States”. It appeared impossible for Mrs. Carrington to enjoy a swinger lifestyle and struggled with the idea of doing something that may seem immoral. At first Scarlett and her husband participated in the swinger lifestyle together, then following her lust, entered the world of Fetish and BDSM. Follow the journey of The Intoxicating HotWife through her sexual escapades and conversion to finding her contentment in life. Explore fantasies through the eyes of Mrs. Carrington and watch this logical businesswoman fall for her lover.

 In this true life story you will see a young woman turn from an innocent Christian to a slutty HotWife while still holding tight to her faith and her perfect reputation. In a real life story of success, lust, love, and perfection, Scarlett explains how you can have it all in life while indulging in your every desire!

“Our society has been inundated with sexy movies and novels. Women fantasize about how they want to have a man just like the one in the book. Women want to dress sexy and have a man lust after them. Women want passion, lust, and desire. Many women think this is only a fantasy, only something they read in a book or see in a movie. They resign themselves to believing they cannot do such things based on their religious beliefs because they are married, or because they’re worried that someone may find out. From the women I’ve spoken to, it’s almost as if they believe they need permission to feel the way they do and want the things they want! Who says you need permission?”

The Dictionary of Wit and Wisdom by Gerd de Ley

The A-Z dictionary of over 6300 word definitions from the greatest minds on Earth !

"To open Gerd de Ley’s magnificent dictionary is to enter a garden of definitional delights where, within the space of a few imperfect words, we encounter the wildest reaches of the human mind and heart."

Castle - Broken: When Appearances Are Everything . The book by L.A. Meier

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, more specifically its subcategory; Muscle Dysmorphia aka “Bigorexia” involves symptoms that affects men through feelings of shame as it grows within the secrecy of an overly masculinized culture. Symptoms include anabolic steroid use and engaging in mechanical routines that both affect quality of life in a destructive way. The consistent need to have more lean muscle mass and less body fat and the inadequacies experienced can ultimately result in a life not worth living. Castle - Broken explains how young men can suffer from inadequacy and destructive solutions centered on their perceived body image, along with what research says to support effective methods of treatment. 

Research however, is limited and relatively new and faces irrelevancy in a time where social media changes society in quick, intense waves. This body image disorder tells the world everything is under control when on the inside you are broken. Those who suffer from Muscle Dysmorphia never see themselves as adequate as they never truly see themselves which causes chronic, intense mixed social feelings.

L.A. Meier outlines a personal account of the male pursuit of physical perfection, from high school peer-pressure and into his adult life. Castle – Broken explains the meticulous diet regime of body builders, the experimentation with anabolic steroids and the acknowledgement and treatment of Muscle Dysmorphia.

Beyond the Lie: Your Path to Truth - From Vincent L. Scarsella

Here is the Truth:
Your Life Is a LIE!
Your Beliefs Are False!
You Are Haunted by The Mysteries of Life and Death!

Beyond The Lie was written to awaken you to these truths.
Then, by using a simple step-by-step program, The Truth Regimen, you can escape your present programmed lie of a life and enter a place beyond it where you will be motivated to act and think in ways that infuses your life with genuine meaning and self-esteem.
There is a dread lurking within the depths of your soul whispering that your life lacks meaning and purpose that indeed, your life is a meaningless lie. This book will help you get beyond that lie by teaching you to embrace a new authentic way of life in which your actions and thoughts improve your life and the lives of others; enhance the survival of the human species; and, takes you on a quest to discover the true nature of God and the Cosmos.