Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

Star Crossed: Worlds Apart - A story of friendship, torn emotions, faith, and sweet alien love. . . by Jolene Poole
Gwyn Farrow's disturbing claims of an alien abduction made her parents commit her to a mental institution. When she was released, she knew that she could only rely on herself. But she doesn't return to her normal life. She begins to spend time with a friendly alien named Kael, and although terrified of his species, she finds it in her heart to care for him.
When his world declares war on hers, she is torn between defending her planet and the alien she has come to love.

Fantasy - A collection of erotic tales of submission, domination and desire by Helen Slater

Welcome to Fantasy - A collection of 13 erotic tales of submission, domination and desire from the sensual mind of the U.K's Dark Angel.


Richard McCain is a retired Special Forces operative whose underground activities during the Tribulation Era of American history places him on the FBI’s Most Wanted list as the mysterious Destroyer. He is called upon by his ex-wife to rescue her sister from the tragedy of a “dirty bomb” terrorist strike in Mexico City. In doing so, he is forced to rely upon the Angel Train network of Christian activists spread across the country. The network, a major target of Homeland Security, absorbs the full force of the agency’s technological arsenal as no effort is spared to seek and destroy McCain. In a series of supernatural events, McCain realizes that there are even greater forces at play threatening his life and that of the beautiful Isabel. It seems that only a miracle can save him, and at last he finds the answer to the ultimate question: is God truly in control?

The Horn Book - A Girl's Guide to the Knowledge of Good and Evil

First published in English as "The Horn Book; a girl's guide to the knowledge of good and evil - or modern studies in the science of stroking", is as the title may suggest, a nineteenth century sex manual for young inexperienced ladies that not only provides the descriptive instruction to 63 unique sexual positions, but also describes various techniques on tribadism, advanced methods for the onanist and lessons in the prevention of fecundation.
Based on the French publication of "Instruction libertine, ou Dialogues entre Charles et Justine sur la theorie physique de l'amour et les diverses manieres de s'en procurer les plaisirs materiels" - This edition is as the original unabridged translation and provides an erotic, entertaining and educating read.

The Standard - John Reinhard Dizon's Latest Thriller

In the not too distant future, a coalition of international groups is planning a return to the gold standard in resolving a global recession. A criminal network of drug cartels and financial speculators are plotting to convert their holdings into bullion before launching attacks against major gold depositories in three countries to give them a monopoly in the new market. MI6 assigns William Shanahan to disrupt Operation Blackout with the help of Jack Gawain, a Ulster Defense Association volunteer serving a life sentence in Northern Ireland. Their target, Enrique Chupacabra, is an assassin for the Medellin cartel who is coordinating a nuclear attack on the American mainland.

For action/adventure fans and suspense/thriller buffs, The Standard is a tale not to be forgotten.

CAPTIVE By DAVID ELLIS - With a twist that literally takes your breath away!

Torn apart by a kidnapping, an abductor that wants payment beyond the usual monetary ransom, Hugo’s world is turned upside down as he's sent searching South Africa and London for his missing husband. 

Slowly, he becomes exposed to a world of crime and BDSM tucked beneath the murky shadows of beautiful Cape Town, but with the help of new friends, Hugo has the strength to remain hopeful and optimistic that he’ll soon see Ben again. 

BEAUTY FIERCE AS STARS - And Other Science-Fiction Tales of Mystery and Intrigue

Enter these pages and you will find the unique. This is genre-defying science-fiction, as the author has included original poetry to drive the narratives and character development, and provide 
new and different forms of entertainment. 
You will meet unforgettable characters through a spectrum of adventures.
This work gives a wholly original definition for science-fiction, and indeed a brand new form 
for the short story.

The Story of Saint Menace

According to legend, Saint Menaus fell from grace by turning his back on the Lord, and committing such ungodly acts that his name was struck from the pages of history. The townspeople imparted the details of his atrocities from one generation to the next, father to son, when the time was right, in a whisper. The young earned their rite of passage into adulthood upon hearing of the saint’s sins, and only if they refrained from repeating the details and evoking the troubled spirit. And so they remained tight-lipped, and wide-eyed, until the time was right for them to pass on what they knew about the saint’s grisly past to their own children, imploring them to heed the warning.

In a recent dig, archaeologists celebrated the discovery of an ancient tomb buried deep below the statue of the fallen saint. The following inscription was unearthed in the entrance to the tomb:           

Those who worshipped Saint Menaus soon proclaimed him as the Patron Saint of Terro, the land, until archaeologists exposed an additional stone tablet inscribed with the letter ‘R’. And from that time on, the townspeople cried that Saint Menaus was the Patron Saint of Terror.

Flowers wilted. Iron rusted. Drought plagued the local vignerons who foreclosed on their estates. Gridlocked with fear, the township became a Mecca for wretched souls banished to damnation.

A bond now exists to unite all men on earth: the internet. And Saint Menaus is ready to join the two billion people online at any given moment. He commands his silent army of devil worshippers through the web, and none is more devout than Mr Winter Jeffrey. His feverish evangelism flourishes in the stealth of the net, where old crimes play out in new ways. No messy blood trails. No fleeing from crime scenes. Immune from the reach of traditional policing. A place where identities are lost in online ghettos with dial-up vulnerability. And with an infinite well of victims guided by their silicon values and dotcom morals, all Saint Menaus needs is a chat-room handle. 

Saint Menace - the-patron-saint-of-terror/ebook 


Dangerous Games: Sex and Slavery is a groundbreaking work of nonfiction that offers an unflinching account of two strangers who embark on a sexual adventure fueled by extreme fantasy and dark desires. Told in alternating voices that chronicle a descent into sexual slavery, bondage, submission, domination, and the mingling of pain and pleasure, this true story offers brutally honest and intimate details of the relationship between a man who controls and a woman who submits, who together as a couple engage in dangerous sexual encounters and adventures. Dangerous Games will appeal to readers who turned 50 Shades of Grey into an international bestseller and an upcoming feature film. But this book is more hard-hitting, more in- depth and ultimately will give readers an honest, graphic and realistic account of what it means to surrender completely, placing your trust entirely in the hands of another person and not knowing if they always have your best interests in mind.

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 Jesus had his disciples. God had his saints. But what if the devil didn’t work alone? What if he, too, had a helper? The original devil’s advocate. Satan’s very own servant. Saint Menace: the Patron Saint of Terror.

 In today’s world people are so busy chasing after unrealistic imaginary dreams, they sacrifice today for a better tomorrow, along the way sacrificing all that is important to them, their friends and family, their passions and interests and they don’t even know why; instead succumbing to the abundance of illusionary social expectations programmed into us since birth. - Evan Sutter's latest work give a candid view of an obtainable life path in given with observed morals and teachings from tantric Zen to the anecdotes and parables from people of peace and serves as a positive guide to reflect and better your subconscious.

A Nocturnal Meeting: My Lustful Adventures

'Ethel, my dear, we mustn't let him go. He is too young and good-looking to part with so easily. I don't think, from his blushes, he knows much about women, and we will give him a treat. But go modestly at first till we find whether he is of randy disposition or not, and if he is...' She licked her lips significantly, squeezed her daughter's motte, and disappeared.

Happy Birthday Johnny Wadd