Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers


Dangerous Games: Sex and Slavery is a groundbreaking work of nonfiction that offers an unflinching account of two strangers who embark on a sexual adventure fueled by extreme fantasy and dark desires. Told in alternating voices that chronicle a descent into sexual slavery, bondage, submission, domination, and the mingling of pain and pleasure, this true story offers brutally honest and intimate details of the relationship between a man who controls and a woman who submits, who together as a couple engage in dangerous sexual encounters and adventures. Dangerous Games will appeal to readers who turned 50 Shades of Grey into an international bestseller and an upcoming feature film. But this book is more hard-hitting, more in- depth and ultimately will give readers an honest, graphic and realistic account of what it means to surrender completely, placing your trust entirely in the hands of another person and not knowing if they always have your best interests in mind.

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