Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

Beyond the Lie: Your Path to Truth - From Vincent L. Scarsella

Here is the Truth:
Your Life Is a LIE!
Your Beliefs Are False!
You Are Haunted by The Mysteries of Life and Death!

Beyond The Lie was written to awaken you to these truths.
Then, by using a simple step-by-step program, The Truth Regimen, you can escape your present programmed lie of a life and enter a place beyond it where you will be motivated to act and think in ways that infuses your life with genuine meaning and self-esteem.
There is a dread lurking within the depths of your soul whispering that your life lacks meaning and purpose that indeed, your life is a meaningless lie. This book will help you get beyond that lie by teaching you to embrace a new authentic way of life in which your actions and thoughts improve your life and the lives of others; enhance the survival of the human species; and, takes you on a quest to discover the true nature of God and the Cosmos.

A young girl inherits the dark side of fame. In Blake’s Rope nothing is what it seems. - The latest novel from Ronder Scott

Robin Evans, a struggling songstress seeks help in sorting out her damaged past. Unorthodox sessions with Dr. Frank Dabachi, leads her through dangerously, unmarked territory as she realizes her backyard may be a burial site. The mayhem erupts when more and more layers of the mystery unfolds.
Can she rid her family of a generational curse placed upon them with the help of Chinedu Adesanya?

Under the Ineffable Sky: Romances from the Future Earth - Jeremy Balfour

Set in a future far-removed from a global nuclear catastrophe and a past barely on record, small utopian enclaves exist peacefully whilst unknowingly surrounded by relentless chaotic realms dominated by ecological disasters and a population of bestial marauders. When a young, innocent monk falls in love with a rare half-wild survivor of the wastelands they must traverse seemingly endless desert and radioactive forests in flight from his doomed monastery triggered by the coming of the wild people. Through mutants, treacherous terrain and the results of radioactive gigantism, they’re captured by a mysterious albino huntress, a trapper of wolves and bears with a hidden past – whilst a lone journeyer battles the wilderness on his own pursuit for a remote El Dorado; The City of Gold. This is a quest for survival against the odds. A humanistic story, a story of Us, and although futuristic, it is a fable for our time.

Solitude: How Doing Nothing Can Change the World - The latest book by Evan Sutter

How will an arrogant young Australian carnivore handle a vegetarian diet for three months? 
Three months without sex, alcohol or drugs? Three months without friends? Three months without any distractions?
A raw exploration into Sutter’s time in Plum Village, see as he explores his new surroundings, shares a tiny hut with his Monk brother, meets new people from around the world and struggles with his own personal demons.
A new found appreciation of the present moment, finding enjoyment in doing nothing and an ability to forge a greater connection with his inner self lead Sutter to examine a whole range of relevant and contentious topics that every man and woman can relate to.

Wet Spots: Ten Erotic Short Stories to Quench Your Thirst!

Variety is what you will get, with ten short, erotic stories – some start off frosty and heat up to dripping temperatures while others surround themselves in slippery situations, gushing to the finish.
These short tales of sexual adventure take many watery forms, all wrapped up in something drenched and dripping. Take a little trip with fascinating characters on chance meetings or with partners looking for new opportunities to soak each other up in steamy sex – and of course, trickles of romance.

The Big Dipper: A late night rendezvous gone wrong put Ethan and Amy in an awkward situation but the anonymity of the night will make them brave.
Off Track: A fun adventure in the solitudes of nature doesn’t turn out the way Beth was expecting and now she has to rely on the grizzly mountain man to get her out of the trouble – or maybe into trouble.
Tap Out: The gym is the place she takes out all her frustrations – until the trainer presents some new challenges. She’s going to have to learn to fight dirty if she’s going to win.
Out of Bounds: A gutsy Ski Patrol, a heavy winter blizzard and a steamy surprising night in a rescue shelter adds to an exciting day on the slopes.
Surf’s Up: A lonely big kid on the beach meets a broken-hearted divorcee. Their love of the ocean is their common ground. Tensions rise like the tide and then the sparks fly. 
When it Rains, it Pours: Celebrating their twentieth anniversary takes Becky and Tom into the elements and out of their comfort zone. Sparks fly and even the rain can’t put out their fire.
Silent Partner: All she wanted was her bottle of wine and to be left alone in her super sized soaker tub, but when she gets caught eavesdropping, her relaxing bathtub becomes an adventure playground.
Shower Power: The sweaty fun on the beach leads two couples to the public showers and more drama than they were expecting.
Mud Slinging: Insults fly and tempers rise, but these two neighbours find a way to settle their differences and to cool their jets.
Going Solo: A freak hail storm and two complete strangers; one willing to bare it all and take all the risks, tempting the other out of their comfort zone – and into the wet zone. 

The Song of Merlin - Volume 1 by Brian Rhodes OUT NOW!

When was the last you danced with words, dance again in the Awen, let it embrace you and let it inundate your thoughts?

Dance with the song of Merlin set upon Cornwall’s raging windswept shores and delight in the eternity of eternia. Find and use the thirteen treasures of the ancient Celts and become one with the prophecies of Merlin.

Join in the sacred battle of the trees and connect to their ancient store of the power of Logres and let the love story of Merlin and Vivian beguile you and then touch the ancient magick that is The Song of Merlin.

"Greetings my fellow travellers of the mystic alchemical sea, I am your host the alchemist, I am the poet of the eternity, and I am the pan dimensional bard. Alchemy is all about healing, it is about using the self as the crucible, it is a journey of sixty five levels, of sixty five signs, of five zodiacs, and of thirteen chakras. You too oh reader will be shown, will be activated into the core of alchemical methodology, and you will never be the same, we are moving vertically up the body. When upon hitting the thirteenth and last chakra, I will open them all up, I will spin them all, I will integrate them all into one, and then we add the fifth level where we expand outwards on the horizontal, thus becoming a true pan-dimensional being. I am telling you that each chakra has four signs assigned to it, and I start as we must at the earth, the connection, to where and who we are, our home, our place of planetary existence, and to further assist us all in the transformation of the alchemical energies I am using the Kundalini as the key of the secret and eternal energy that is usually asleep in most people and in some almost dead, it cannot be removed, it cannot be extracted, it is within the self purely with the desire and the intention to arise, to awaken and send its energetic pulse into the aura, the eternal being, the child that I/we are going to make."

BACON SLEEP SEX - The new novel by Lois Wood

Love, travel, enduring friendships, alcohol & drug culture and life’s all too common relationship dilemmas is ‘Bacon Sleep Sex’ as it spans eight years and ten countries. Join two friends from London, Natalie and Joe as they embark on journeys through their twenties and through new, never to be repeated experiences across the world.