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Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

William C Kinzle and The Silent Bride

When Factory worker, Tony recruits street-wise Gina to help play a trick on his offensive co-worker, all does not unfold as he had so expected.

Tony's plan is to deposit a bound and gagged woman on his former friend's doorstep with a cassette player hung around her neck from which a sultry voice lays down a sequence of sexually explicit instructions.

When Bob answers the knock on his door, Tony knows he'll have something on him with which to get his revenge. What he doesn't know is that he too will find Gina's act highly beguiling and makes the decision to change the rules.

The sky is the limit in this classic noir tale - until forces from Gina's past are awakened by her notoriety and resume tracking her with a rekindled vicious fervor. 

The lovestruck Tony wants to save her, but goons from Detroit are hot on her trail. 
When the bodies mount and it seems she'll go the way of all flesh, her essential innocence allows her to turn the tables and escape to another city, where her recent experience lets her set up, with Tony's help, an even better variation with which to ply her time-honored trade - as The Silent Bride !

"We have all heard men complain that just when they’re really getting it on with a woman, she complains that she’s not enjoying it and wants to quit.  The fact that this happens as much as it does indicates that men in general don’t know what a woman does want.

             What is equally unknown is what a man really wants from a woman.  The Silent Bride presents one possible answer: what a man really wants is a totally sexually compliant woman.  Finding one who really enjoys whatever he undertakes provides him with an addictive level of excitement and joy.

             This book unfolds at several levels.  On one it’s the story of a new approach to sex, one of assumed roles which are rewarding for both men and women, who no longer have to worry if their performance is adequate.  At another it’s a ‘black humor’ comment on the limitations of our modern society, how men and women have grown so distant that they need a shared play-acting to eke out even minimal communication.

             At a third level it’s simply a good noir novel, a detective story that builds unpredictably to a stunning conclusion."

                                      —William Kinzle

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