Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

Erotic Fiction Girl book retailers

Do Not Feed the Clown - the latest book from Matt Nagin

Consisting of 34 short works, it highlights the absurdities of our socio-political climate, tackles the mayhem of our news cycle, and highlights the inconsistencies of our cultural norms. 

The author, Matt Nagin,had his work banned from Funny or Die, which, let's face it, is all the more reason for you to read this book!


Scarred is not for the squeamish. A poignant debut about serial killers on the streets of Sydney, it explores the addictiveness of vengeance and the tragic mistakes made by the misguided.

Brazil, Brasil... Welcome to Brasil! - The new Novel from Walter Heiser

Tired of the false gloss and glitter of the Brazil of television-land, the glorified criminality and gore of the Brazil of Hollywood and the “politically correct” Brazil of the guidebooks and web, the author set out to expose the real Brasil. This is a journey to the teaming cities, tired small towns, beaches, by-ways, bars and nightclubs of Brasil. The warmth and eternal optimism of the down but not out Brasilians is there side-by-side with the vice, crime and poverty that pervades Brasilian society.
Fictional but real, “Welcome to Brasil!” will open eyes.

Time Travel + Brain Stealing = Murderous Appliances and Good Times - The book by Richard Steele

Following the death of his parents, who died in a cliché and completely unimportant way, young Joe is about to find out that living in a town conveniently named Doomsville, does have its draw backs.
Come and embark on an epic mind-bending, time-travelling quest full of confusing sub-plots, poorly constructed characters, science fiction that only a Flat Earther would believe.

Naughty Nicolette's by Cookie Lawless - Book Out Now!

The hottest restaurant in St. Louis has more going on than the customers know...
Famous for its high quality food served by captivatingly attractive waiters, “Nicolette’s” is run by a sex addicted businesswoman who insists on affairs with all her employees. But when she falls for one of her new waiters everyone loses their mind – especially Nicolette.
What will become of her sex centered lifestyle when love is on the table?

Ethereal - by Lois Wood - an intriguing tale of lust, confusion and sex.

Mid-30s Sheena has started over: leaving behind her painful life of being married to a verbally abusive alcoholic and begins a new life as a mature-age student in another state. Inadvertently, this leads to living something of a covert double life. Into this life walks her unforgettable philosophy professor Mr Goodwood who teaches his students about there being no original thought or creation in the universe - and that everything revolves around and is to do with sex. He regularly has sex with his students to reinforce this theory, two or three at a time if he can manage it. That is, until Sheena happens to him. He finds her as mysterious and intriguing as she does him. Each with their own dark secret, the pair set about righting their own personal, moral wrongdoings in order to commit fully to the possibility of an actual relationship with their fast-developing soul-mate. However, coincidence is a bitch, and both of their worlds come crashing down around them as their two secrets unexpectedly collide in the most awkward of ways.

The Intoxicating Hotwife - Scarlett Carrington

Who says you can’t have everything you want in life, as long as you’re willing to do what it takes to get it?

Scarlett Carrington is a modern, successful businesswoman in her early 30s. She has the perfect life: wonderful husband, beautiful home and intelligent sporty children. And she has a naughty secret – she loves to have sex! Scarlett is a Christian living in the Southeast; more accurately labeled the “Bible belt of the United States”. It appeared impossible for Mrs. Carrington to enjoy a swinger lifestyle and struggled with the idea of doing something that may seem immoral. At first Scarlett and her husband participated in the swinger lifestyle together, then following her lust, entered the world of Fetish and BDSM. Follow the journey of The Intoxicating HotWife through her sexual escapades and conversion to finding her contentment in life. Explore fantasies through the eyes of Mrs. Carrington and watch this logical businesswoman fall for her lover.

 In this true life story you will see a young woman turn from an innocent Christian to a slutty HotWife while still holding tight to her faith and her perfect reputation. In a real life story of success, lust, love, and perfection, Scarlett explains how you can have it all in life while indulging in your every desire!

“Our society has been inundated with sexy movies and novels. Women fantasize about how they want to have a man just like the one in the book. Women want to dress sexy and have a man lust after them. Women want passion, lust, and desire. Many women think this is only a fantasy, only something they read in a book or see in a movie. They resign themselves to believing they cannot do such things based on their religious beliefs because they are married, or because they’re worried that someone may find out. From the women I’ve spoken to, it’s almost as if they believe they need permission to feel the way they do and want the things they want! Who says you need permission?”